Our Environmental Policy at The Stanage Bed and Breakfast in Telford

  1. Electricity: Please turn off any lights that you do not need on and please remember not to leave the TV on standby.
  2. Most lights are fitted with energy saving light bulbs where possible and we hope soon to be using low energy bulbs everywhere.
  3. Re cycling: We re cycle all our plastic, paper/card, glass and cans. Please help by placing these in your waste bin to be sorted. Carrier bags; we take back to the supermarkets.
  4. Heating: If you feel you do not need the heating on, please turn it down- or up if you are cold! There is an oil filled radiator in each room if you are particularly cold, don’t forget to turn them off when you are leaving the room.
  5. Towels: Please read notice on your bathroom wall about washing these.
  6. Composting: Tea bags, coffee grounds and fruit go to the compost bin. Stale toast and cereal feed garden birds.
  7. If you have any suggestions of your own we would love you to share them with us.
  8. On the roof you may have noticed our new SOLAR PANELS. These help with the supply of hot water and seem to be working very well.
  9. We source local produce where we can. A compilmentary bottle of Wenlock spring water will be found in your room and local sausages and bacon served for breakfast.
  10. Information regarding the local bus service and taxis is available in your room.

Thank you for your co-operation. We are trying to do our best.