Mobility Access

Access to the house

The drive is covered in tarmac and guests can be dropped off at the front door.
Parking is nearby on the front drive, either side of the main gate on gravelled parking areas.
Good street lighting illuminates the drive along with exterior house lights.
The entrance to the front door is wide (92cm) and there is one 9cm step.
The floor to the entrance and the hall are tiled and level apart from an entrance mat well.
The front door and porch are illuminated at night.

Access within the house

There are no steps on the ground floor.
The breakfast room is carpeted and so are all other rooms in the house including the main stairs.
The three guest bedrooms are accessed by the main staircase.
The stairs are 92cm wide and each step is 19cm high. There are 12 steps, a turn to the right and then 3 more steps.
There are no steps in the bedrooms.
Each room has an en-suite shower room  with washbasin and toilet.

There is no lift available.

Access to the garden

Turn left out of the front door and down a gently sloping drive and access to the lawn is down a wide , 184cm, low step 14 cm.
The lawn is level.

Hearing Impairment

The TV and radio alarm clocks in the bedrooms have volume controls.
Each room has a flat screen TV with remote control.
There are hand bells situated on the hall tables for guests to attract our attention when needed.
Guests can text my mobile or email if required, mobile number in information folder in bedrooms

Sight Impairment

Large print version of the menu is available along with any other Stanage documents on request.