The Olympic Torch will be coming to Ironbridge on May 30th.

Official Torch Timings

  • The Torch will arrive in Ironbridge at 3.14pm and depart at 3.39pm
  • The Torch will arrive in Telford Town Centre at 3.46pm and depart at 3.54pm
  • The Torch will arrive in Newport at 4.06pm and depart at 4.24pm

Come and help us all celebrate the arrival of the Olympic Torch in Telford and Ironbridge.

Road Closures

There will be road closures in each area for one or two hours before and less than an hour after:

  • Ironbridge: The Wharfage and The Bridge (The Ironbridge Park & Ride will be operational)
  • Telford Town Centre: a rolling road closure
  • Newport: High Street